One of the most widely used therapies in the world.

Acupuncture uses hair-thin, solid, sterile (one time use), disposable, pain free needles to stimulate specific areas of the body to for the benefit of balancing health and wellbeing. Acupuncture treatment is done on a massage table, recliner, or in the comfort of your home. It is extremely relaxing because of the endorphin release that happens while resting during a treatment. Most people take a nap or experience deep relaxation.

There are a multitude of acupuncture techniques from thousands of years of accumulation of knowledge. An Acupuncturist may start a treatment course with one technique and move to another depending on each patient's response. Typically by the 5th treatment if we are not seeing improvement, then a change in technique is in order. For most conditions expect 2 treatments per week for 2-3 weeks to start the process.

Once goals are met then treatment is reduced to 1 per week for 2-3 weeks to solidify results. This is the average amount of treatment needed. Some people need less, some people need more, some people need occasional maintenance treatments; monthly or seasonal depending on the individual. Point being, we all have our own timeline of healing response.

Acupuncture works for about 80-90% of people if enough treatments are received within a short amount of time. The beginning of treatment process is important to build momentum of the healing process. The closer in time the treatments are to each other, the faster the speed of healing. If too much time lapses between the initial 5 visits the healing process will still take place but it will take longer to happen; 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Electro-AcuElectro-Acupuncture makes use of attaching a battery-powered device to acupuncture needles which sends a mild micro-current through the points.

A Licensed Acupuncturist may decide to use this as an adjunct therapy for extra stimulation of acupuncture points which may be useful for relieving pain. The traditional way of giving extra stimulation to acu-points is by manually manipulating the needle during a treatment. Depending on a practitioner's style this can be very gentle or more intense.

The practitioners at Indy Acupuncture are sensitive to the amount of sensation patients are comfortable with.