Functional Medicine is science-based approach to healthcare. It takes an integrative, approach to treat illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the uniqueness of each person and then tailoring interventions to restore balance of mind (psychological), body (physiological and structural) and spirit of that person.

Functional Medicine seeks to understand and connect the individual’s unique genetic predispositions (family history) with their physiological processes (hormonal, endocine, neurotransmitter) and the environmental contributions (chemical, food, micronutrient and microbial) that influences health and disease. This information provides a framework for interventions that treat the cause of the problem and not just mask the symptoms.

Functional Medicine includes 7 underlying principles, which include the following:

  • It’s a science-based approach to medicine that seeks to connect emerging research to clinical practice.
  • Understands the environmental and biochemistry uniqueness of the individual.
  • Believes healthcare should be individual-centered care rather than disease-focused treatment.
  • Undersands the internal and external factors that affect functioning.
  • Understands the interplay between all parts of the body.
  • Believes internal organs serve a purpose and should be retained if possible.
  • Believes health is more than just absence of disease.

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