Our goal at IDCA is to provide affordable acupuncture to the public. Acupuncture is most effective when several treatments are given within a short amount of time. Typically treatments are given 2x/week until results are reached. Sometimes 1x/week is enough. Some people have positive response immediately. Some people take several treatments to see results.

IDCA is based on the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture model of acupuncture. Treatments are given in a group setting in comfortable recliner chairs at affordable prices.

When entering IDCA please be aware that sound travels in the space and people are sleeping close by so please keep your voice down to help support your fellow bodies healing. You are welcome to prepay and schedule your next appointments before entering the treatment room. Of course, this is optional. This way after your treatment you can float out into the world with a sense of calm without having to think about schedules and money.

Be sure to let the receptionist know if you need to be out by a certain time. They will give you a sticky note to put on your chair. If it is your first time in the clinic there will be an electronic intake form to fill out on a tablet, as well as a consent form to sign.

After paying and scheduling, walk into the treatment room, make sure your phone is silent or off, find an open recliner, sit down, take your shoes off, roll your pants and sleeves up to your knees and elbows, lay back, relax, and wait for the acupuncturist.

When the acupuncturist approaches tell them what you would like to work on today. Once the needles are in, it’s nap time! When you feel ready to leave, usually after about 40-60 minutes, open your eyes and make eye contact or signal to the acupuncturist that you are ready to leave.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes & colognes as some of our patients have sensitivities & allergies. Thanks for your cooperation.

We're located at the Penn Arts building which is on the SE corner of 16th St. & Pennsylvania Street. Our door is directly east of the main marquee of the building. The building has commercial spaces on the street level and residences above. It is directly across the street from Herron High School.

111 E. 16th Street, Suite 103
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317. 423. 9999


  • Free parking behind the building until 6pm. (The building owners do tow after 6pm as the parking lot is for residents only after 6pm). If your appointment is past 4:30 we suggest not parking in the lot, just in case you sleep longer than expected. If you do park in the lot tell the acupuncturist you need to be out by 6 if you have an evening appointment.
  • Past 6pm there is street parking on 16th St., Pennsylvania St., or Talbott St. There are meters in front of the Penn Arts building on 16th St. but free parking on Pennsylvania or Talbott.



Lori Sherlock, L.Ac:
Tuesday: 9:30-2 pm

Tim Moriarity, L.Ac:
Thursday: 12:30-4:30 pm


Schedule Your Appointment
Use the button above to schedule your IDCA appointment online, or give us a call at 317.423.9999

  • Appointments last for 40-60 minutes.
  • Appointments are scheduled on 10 minute intervals.

IDCA abides by a sliding scale fee structure. No income verification. Pay what you can.

  • First Visit: $35 - $95
  • Follow-ups: $20 - $85

Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Flex, or HSA welcome.