Ashley Parsons

Ashley ParsonsIntegrative Nutrition Health Coach

Hi All!  My name is Ashley Parsons. I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am a certified neuromuscular massage therapist and I received my degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology from UC Santa Cruz.

I like to say if a nutritionist and life coach had a baby that would be me! I believe that health is dependent on striking a balance between eating nutrient rich foods, being active and finding ways to grow joy in all aspects of your life including career, relationships, and spirituality.

Before I became a health coach, I ran a massage practice for 7 years. During my time as a massage therapist, I learned that people’s pain was connected to more than just injury and poor ergonomics. I noticed that their severity of pain was influenced by the foods they ate. I didn’t fully appreciate the connection between nutrition and physical and mental well-being until I battled with my own fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. I tried denial, I tried medication but it wasn’t until I cleaned up the way I was eating that I notice a remarkable improvement in my health.

My fascination with genetics and microbiology has allowed me to stay on top of the quickly evolving topics of epigenetics and microbiome health. I have found that my background in genetics and microbiology has proven essential in my understanding of how to heal from and defend against disease.

I have had the honor to support many people who have addressed their sugar cravings, uncovered food sensitivities and increased their confidence in food and lifestyle choices. Let me support you on your path toward healing!!

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