It has been my good fortune to discover the merits of acupuncture and Indy Acupuncture. I have been plagued by allergies all of my life; in seeking an alternative to antihistamines and allergies shots I found acupuncture. I researched the pros and cons of acupuncture and decided to take a chance for a possible relief from the symptoms allergies. I started treatment in the fall, which is a particularly difficult time for me as mold spores are abundant. Within 4 weeks of once a week treatment I was off of all medication and feeling better than I had in years. After 2 months I still have significant relief. My allergies are 50% to 70% better without the benefit of medication. I knowingly have placed myself in situations that I could not tolerate before and still faired better than when I was taking medication. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone seeking allergy relief. I will never reach 100% cure but cutting the discomfort by half is a tremendous relief. I highly recommend Indy Acupuncture; they are very professional, highly knowledgeable, with a very clean and comfortable office

I have always responded well to meditation and visualization healing but after 10 months of chronic sinusitis (allergies) and asthma I was scared I was not getting well. The acupuncture treatments gave amazing results and my lungs do not feel like they hurt anymore. I am walking briskly and beginning a habit of exercising every day. I seldom use a puffer and even cold weather doesn’t bother my respiratory system. I started in August with just a few treatments and had amazing results by September when we spent 3 weeks in New Mexico. The high altitude was a big challenge but I was in tune with how well my lungs did not go back to the old condition. Even soaking in the hot springs and cold air did nothing to inflame the sinuses. I think I would like to say acupuncture is a system where you learn to pay attention to your body and are assisted by the communion of rejuvenated nerves and circulatory flow. Since I have a degree in nursing I am very aware that western medicine has great need for a system like acupuncture and carefully monitored herbal treatments. My husband has since gone to see Mitch and his frustrating insomnia gone, much to his delight.

I went to Indy Acupuncture to address Carpal Tunnel symptoms with my hands. With increasing frequency my hands were going numb without warning and off and on during the day. This became a heavy numbness in which I couldn’t feel my fingers and made simple tasks, including using eating utensils, difficult. The doctors I visited could only recommend surgery. After my first treatment at Indy Acupuncture, I felt relief. After several treatments, the heavy numbness is gone and I have only occasional light tingling in my hands. I am very happy with my progress.

I received almost immediate relief from my insomnia through acupuncture and the Heavenly Waters herbal supplement. I have now had four acupuncture treatments and I have been on the herbs for approximately five weeks. I am most satisfied with the results I have gotten from my relationship with Indy Acupuncture. Thank you so much for your help. I have…and will continue to tell my friends how much you have helped me.

Before going to see Erica at Indy Acupuncture, I’d never tried Acupuncture before. However, the tightness in my back & neck was such that I decided it was time to try something new. Going to Indy Acupuncture was the best decision I’d made! They made me feel comfortable from the start, explaining all the steps, and it has been a painless and exceptional solution! I don’t know how it works, I don’t understand exactly why it works, but it’s amazing how well it works for me. I’m glad I made the decision to call Indy Acupuncture!

What has Indy Acupuncture done for me? My restless leg syndrome was gone in one visit. My immune system has been boosted. I know this because this is the first winter I have not had a cold. And best of all, I have received great relief for my chronic neck and back pain. I recommend Indy Acupuncture very highly.

I had a very positive outcome from my acupuncture treatment. Initially I was quite skeptical about acupuncture being able to help my chronic shoulder pain that had lasted on and off for 2 years. But after aggravating my shoulder again during a workout I was in intense pain, so I decided it was worth a try. To my disbelief, after one treatment I felt very little of the pain I experienced before, with only a twinge remaining. After 2 more treatments I felt good enough to discontinue treatment and get back to working out. It has been many months since my first treatment and I am still in good shape. I was so impressed I even brought my son who is in medical school in to observe my treatment. I have received marvelous benefits from Indy Acupuncture and would recommend it for anyone with ailments similar to mine.

My husband went to Indy Acupuncture for sciatic pain (pain traveling down the low back / hips to the feet ) that went from his hips down to his ankle and made him unable to sit comfortably for more than 10 minutes. After the first treatment his pain was greatly reduced. After a series of acupuncture treatments once a week at their clinic he could ride in the car without pain for a gradually increasing period of time. Currently he has NO PAIN, whether he is sitting, standing or walking! We attribute a large portion of his improvement to the care he received at Indy Acupuncture and we thank them for this blessing.

Acupuncture with Erica Siegel has virtually eliminated my tinnitus and back pain and has given me significant relief from allergies. In addition, my overall health and well-being has improved with the treatment. The treatment doesn’t hurt and is actually quite relaxing. I highly recommend Indy Acupuncture to anyone struggling with health issues.